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Property Management

  Site Visit Report Form - Word

Site Visit Report Form - PDF

This form is for our volunteers to use to report on anything observed at our properties on a visit. These reports help us monitor our properties, manage any issues, and plan for maintenance and improvements.


  Site Activity Equipment List - PDF This is a comprehensive list of equipment that may be needed when coordinating or participating in on-site activities at our properties.
Property Research Tools  
  City of Attleboro Assessor Maps All lots in Attleboro are listed in records kept by the City Assessor.  The City is divided into Assessor Maps numbered from 1 to 226.  On each map, the lots are numbered.

To find out who owns a lot, find the lot on an Assessor Map, note the Lot # and the Map #, then use this information to look up the owner.

You can download the maps from this page:

The maps are in TIFF format.

If you don't know which Map you want, download Key Map 1 and Key Map 2 first to see the whole city, then determine the number of the Map that you want.

If you need assistance, you can go to the Assessor's Office at City Hall, where you can view printed copies of all the Maps.


  Determining the Lot Owner Once you have the Map # and Lot #, you can look up information about the Lot, including the owner, the assessed value, the acreage, the last sale date, and the legal reference number for the last deed recorded at the Bristol County Registry of Deeds.

To retrieve this information, go to this page and enter the Plat (Map) #, followed by a space, then the Lot #.

Again, if you need assistance, you can go the Assessor's Office at City Hall and someone will help you retrieve all of this information.

  Using OLIVER OLIVER is a statewide Geographic Information System (GIS) available online without any registration required.  You can zoom in or out on this aerial view, move in any direction, and choose to show or hide many different layers conveying all kinds of information. 

Here are some samples of what you can find:

OLIVER - Attleboro - Open Space

OLIVER - Attleboro - Streets VernalPools RareSpeciesHabitat

OLIVER - Richardson Preserve - Tax Parcels with Assessor Lot IDs

(This is an alternate way to retrieve Assessor Map and Lot numbers, rather than the methods described above.

OLIVER - Richardson Preserve - Tax Parcels with Street Addresses

OLIVER - Shaw-Denham - Contour 3m Intervals

OLIVER - Shaw-Denham - Tax Parcels with Assessor Lot IDs

OLIVER - Attleboro - All Layers


  Further Research If you have the legal reference numbers for a recorded deed or a recorded plan, you can find out more information at the Bristol County Registry of Deeds site here:

For a deed: enter the Book # and Page # under "Recorded Land" then click "Search Recorded Land"

For a plan: enter the Book # and Page # under "Plan" then click "Search Plans"



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