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Leach Nature Walk

The following account captures a moment in time at the Leach Sanctuary...


On Saturday, July 26, 1997, a group of ten hikers began a beautiful summer day by exploring the Leach Sanctuary, a 20-acre property donated to the Attleboro Land Trust by Philip Leach in December, 1996.  We followed trails that have probably existed for as long as humans have inhabited this area.



The property is covered primarily by deciduous trees, with oak and maple predominating. At one end of the property is a large outcropping of conglomerate rock. One of the younger members of our group found this salamander there under a rock. We photographed it, then carefully covered it up again.


At the edge of the sanctuary is a grassy meadow, where Queen Anne's Lace was in full bloom. Cicadas buzzed noisily and damsel flies flitted about.


According to our guide book, this is a swamp rose, a native species.



The botanical high point of our morning walk was the discovery of a group of Turk's Cap Lilies, a native species growing to a height of six feet in a shady spot along the trail.



Thanks to the generosity of Philip Leach, the many natural treasures of this property will be available for future generations of Attleboro residents to come and enjoy on a hot summer day.

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