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The Attleboro Land Trust is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to keeping Attleboro green.

Lands under our protection as of February 17, 2017: 453 acres owned; 200 acres restricted; 653 acres total.

Join us! Support us!

Membership dues of $25 or donations in any amount may be made online to the Attleboro Land Trust at PayPal.


You don't need a PayPal account--
just a credit card.

  Other ways to get involved are by mail or email.  

Site Stewards Wanted

A site steward is a volunteer who "adopts" one of the Attleboro Land Trust nature preserves, individually or with a group, such as a group of neighbors, church group, youth group, or fraternal organization.

Duties of a site steward:

  • Walk the property on a regular basis
  • Pick up litter
  • Report vandalism
  • Help with routine trail maintenance
  • Assist with special projects

If you are interested, contact us.




Larry St. Pierre

The Attleboro Land Trust honors the life of Larry St. Pierre, who passed away on March 20.

Larry played a key role in the founding of the Attleboro Land Trust in 1990 and was the author of its charter. He had served continuously on our board of directors ever since. He was president from 1991 to 1994 and 1997 to 2001, chaired the land acquisition committee from 2001 to 2006, and served in various other roles over the years including secretary and vice president.

Larry was instrumental in preserving hundreds of acres of conservation land in Attleboro, including the Colman Reservation, the Anthony Lawrence Wildlife Preserve, the Phil and Ginny Leach Wildlife Sanctuary, Larson Woodland, the Milton and Myrtle Veno Nature Preserve, Vaughan Memorial Forest, Uriah's Marsh, and Nickerson Walking Woods Preserve.

Larry was president of the land trust when we acquired our first preserve, the Colman Reservation, in 1992 and is shown in the photo below at the property's dedication ceremony held in 1993.

Board Members and Guests at the Dedication of the Colman Reservation in 1993: Larry St. Pierre (President), Joanne Wright, George Largess, Carol Haslehurst (Treasurer), Shanthi Raam, Adele B. Colman, Mayor Judith Robbins, Robert Schoch (Secretary), Ron Carlson (Vice President), Charlie Adler

The Attleboro Land Trust Has Acquired the Deborah and Roger Richardson Nature Preserve


How can we adequately thank Thomas and Stephen Richardson for their extraordinary gift of the land that will be known as the Roger and Deborah Richardson Nature Preserve?† The best way might be to carry the project through so that the general public can begin to enjoy this wonderful gift of open space and wildlife habitat.

With the help of many generous donors, the Richardson property on Wilmarth St. was finally acquired on June 20th.† This brought to a close negotiations that began more than six years ago, and have involved countless hours of volunteer effort.† We are indeed lucky to live in a community where so many citizens and businesses care enough about the local environment to support environmental preservation.

Special thanks go to Mayor Kevin Dumas, Director of Planning, Gary Ayrassian and Conservation Agent Tara Martin for their fast work at the eleventh hour to secure the State L.A.N.D. grant which added over $300,000 to our fundraising effort.†

Our fundraising isnít quite over, though.† We still need to raise funds to provide a parking area, signage, and boardwalks so that the general public can enjoy this beautiful natural preserve. Your help will always be welcome!

--Roy Belcher, Treasurer

Mobile Users:

Trail maps for our properties available here.

Tick Alert:

Follow recommended precautions to protect yourself from tick-born diseases.

Coming Events

Work Party at Richardson Preserve
  Saturday, May 13, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

Volunteers will be picking up litter, trimming brush, and helping to restore an overgrown garden.  Bring pruning and gardening tools, wear work gloves if you have them.  Trash bags will be provided.  Directions here.

11th Annual City of Attleboro River Clean-Up
  Saturday, May 20, 8:00 am to 11:00 am (rain or shine)

Volunteers will be picking up trash along the Ten Mile River. Meet at corner of Hayward Street and Riverbank Road. For more information, contact Assistant Conservation Agent Nick Wyllie at or 508-223-2222, ext 3142.

Public Forum on Open Space, Recreation, and Conservation in Attleboro
  Monday, June 12, 6:00 pm

Balfour Room, Attleboro Public Library, 74 North Main Street

Voice your opinion on policies and priorities that will guide City actions over the next five to seven years.

Community Garden Party
  Saturday, June 17, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Garden party with potluck lunch at noon.  Open to all.  Located at corner of Riverbank Road and Mechanic Street.

Thank you to our supporters

The Attleboro Land Trust received an unprecedented amount of financial support in 2016. Listed below are donations of $250 or more, whether for our general fund or specifically for the Deborah and Roger Richardson Nature Preserve. We thank everyone who contributed any amount large or small in support of our conservation mission. Donors whose contributions to the Richardson Preserve total $2500 or more will be recognized on a sign to be erected at the Preserve.

2016 Corporate, Foundation, and Public Support


      Commonwealth of Massachusetts


      Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation


      Bafflin Foundation


      Fields Pond Foundation, Inc.

      Roddy Holden Kintzel Charitable Fund


      Greenwood Emergency Vehicles


      Lewis & Sullivan, P.C.


      PEP Industries

      Sensata Technologies, Inc.


      Biogen Idec Foundation

      Briggs Garden and Home

      Marsh & McLennan Companies

      Murray Unitarian Universalist Church

      Reeves Company


      Gilmore Insurance

      Plymouth Rock Foundation


Individual Donors


      Thomas and Stephen Richardson


      Ted and Debby Leach


      John Carroll and Midge Gordon

      Bob and Pam Faulkner

      Don and Laura Ouellette


      James W. Duffy

      Tom and Anne Marie Enderby

      Fredric J. Hammerle

      Richard Harris

      Ray Larson

      Michael and Patricia Murphy

      Gretchen Reilly

      Hans Schaefer and Sarah Mott


      William and Donna Lewis

      Curt and Pat Ley

      Mimi and Hugh Mason

      Anne and Mike Newquist

      Charles and Rosalind Wyman


      Charlie Adler and Barbara Clark

      Denise Antaya and Clif Ennis

      Roy Belcher and Bertha Young

      Philip and Karen Boucher

      Jason and Leah Burby

      Laurel and Leigh Carlson

      Jason Case

      Nancy DiPadua

      Ruth Gower

      Gerry and Kathy Hickman

      Allen Knowles and Sally Cobb

      Garner and Marilyn LeStage

      Tim and Gloria McGinn

      Steven P. Reynolds

      David and Karen Scanlan

      Christopher Smith

      Betsy Whitfield

      Frank Wojciechowski


Local Links

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